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Horizontal Ladder

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The Horizontal Ladder is a great fitness station for almost any age group! It is used by a wide range of fitness enthusiasts  - from schools to military and many, many others. Its size and heavy-duty strength make it appropriate for both youth and adult use. The height is adjustable upon installation all the way up to 7' 6 1/2" (2.3m).  The long-width crossbars and wide breadth (5'1/4" / 1.53m) of this station also makes this item wonderful for a broad variety of users.

The popular term "Monkey Bars", well describes this apparatus. It helps build the kind of agility and upper body strength exhibited by our primate friend. Monkeys and humans share a well developed grip and the teres major and latissimus dorsi muscles - all involved in hanging, swinging and pulling skills.

Try swinging down the length of the bars, reaching and grasping, overhand, one bar after the other. Stronger and/or lighter individuals will be able to use more of a bent arm. You can also simply use the equipment for chin-ups, using a variety of grips. Also, try lifting the knees and legs while hanging, helping to build abdominal strength.


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