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Parallel Bars

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Olympic gymnasts perform on the Parallel Bars. A gold medal performance is the ultimate display of agility and upper body strength.

A military fitness favorite, dips are one of the most basic exercises for developing the pectorals, deltoids and triceps. Hold yourself at arm's length above the parallel bars and slowly lower yourself, bending until the elbows pass the right angle (90 degrees). A greater range of motion, while remaining comfortable, can help stretch the pectoralis.

Another effective strength and agility exercise is to start with straight arms above the bars and "walk" with the hands down the length of the bars.

Additionally, the Parallel Bars can be used as support for a wide variety of stretching exercises as well as leg strengthening movements such as knee bends and lunges. Anything that can be done on the ballet bars is appropriate for the sides of the Parallel Bars.




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