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Spring Balance Beam

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The Spring Balance Beam is a set of 3 individual balance beams, with an advanced degree of difficulty added by the spring supports. It is an enjoyable and fun way to promote balancing skills.

The Spring Balance Beam improves balancing skills, an important aspect of motor development. Many school-age kids will walk on straight lines whenever possible during free play. Balancing is pure fun. But adults too should practice and enjoy their balancing skills equally.

Practice walking along the beam flawlessly, without the need to check balance, without a pause, completing the walk quickly. Perform this several times until you are secure and confident. Overcome any loss of balance gracefully.

Stand in place on the right foot and balance the body with the arms stretched out, repeating this also with the left foot. Walking across the balance beam backwards will add additional challenges. Invent other balancing skills commensurate with your abilities.


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