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Strength & Stretch Bars

PRICE $997
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The Strength and Stretch Bars help develop arm and shoulder power with a variety assisted pulling and pushing exercises. The five bars are set at different heights providing a choice of resistance levels.

The assisted push-up is an effective overall upper-body strengthening exercise which exercises not only your chest, but your triceps, deltoids, biceps, back and abdominals as well. These are the same benefits achieved with regular push-up, the bars vary the resistance and allow additional repetitions without excessive strain.

Assisted pull-ups exercises the same muscle groups required of chin-ups. Position yourself under the bar with the feet planted on the ground. Pull with the rowing action until the chin is above the bar. The resistance is controlled by the position of the feet and the chosen height of the bar.

Additionally, all of the many exercises that can be done on a ballet bar can be practiced on the strength and stretch bars. These can include many leg strengthening exercises including alternating leg swings, lunges and deep knee bends.

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